About Us

Company Description:

G*FM (also known as Good*Fella Media) is a U.S. based digital multimedia network for Urban & Pop Culture enthusiast alike. Today, G*FM owns and operates multiple channels that fall under the Good*Fella Media network. The website offers new music and news, original editorials, interviews and provides video interviews with the most relevant artist in hip-hop today.

Good*Fella Media has been embraced as a premiere multimedia online platform for Urban & Pop Culture enthusiast alike. Here at G*FM, we understand the value of the ever evolving millennial market and take great pride in supporting independent artists. Trendsetters create what’s important, we document it and help share the story.

Company History:

Good*Fella Media started as an Internet college radio show broadcasting out of Rutgers University, 90.3FM The Core. Started by Justin Duran, Richard Sanchez, Quinton Hill, Mark Lopez, Jorge Mendez, and Kimberly Cordovez in the early summer of 2008. Since then GFM has grown from a college radio show into a full independent media company and online publication. Since 2008 they are credited with more than 600+ interviews with musicians all throughout the hip-hop industry. In 2010 Good*Fella Radio was nominated for an Underground HipHop Award for Best Radio Show. In 2011 Recorded footage by G*FM from an in studio performance by Talib Kweli was used by Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. In October 2011 Good*Fella Media was featured in The Hudson Reporter newspaper

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Good*Fella Radio was nominated for an Underground Hip-Hop Award for Best Radio Show

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