“Unscripted” with @PerryEats (Video)

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Kymmi Cee sits down with Perrion for a totally unscripted interview in the studio filled with all but appropriate questions. Watch and find out who Perry picks between Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson,

#TopicTuesday w/@kymmiceelive: What would you do if this guy slapped your GF’s behind?

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You’re in the club, with your girlfriend. You’re feeling good about yourself. Not only are you sporting your go-to shoes, but your outfit is on point, you’re dripping “swaggu,” and your lady

#TopicTuesdays w/@kymmiceelive: How soon is too soon?


I always wondered if there was some type of rule against befriending an ex shortly after a breakup. I mean, not that it’s illegal or anything, but let’s not forget about that period in between a breakup