Tyler The Creator Announces ‘Cherry Bomb’ & Drops New Video

  Earlier this week rapper, Tyler The Creator announced some great news. His new album, Cherry Bomb, will be released early next week, April 13th. Coachella 2015 Lineup Announced, Drake To Headline Cherry Bomb follows 2013’s album Wolf and just like it, it features some big names in the music business. Some people you can count on […]

Tyler The Creator Announces 44 International Tour Dates

The following months are fully equipped with enough festivals and tour dates to keep you more than entertained. Tyler, The Creator has announced an international 44-date tour. Coachella 2015 Lineup Announced, Drake To Headline Known for his wild antics and even wilder performance, Tyler will hit an array of stages from April to June throughout America and Europe. Odd […]

Hodgy Beats Says Tyler, The Creator Turned His Back On Odd Future

During his headlining set at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival on Saturday (Nov. 14), Tyler, the Creator expressed his frustration with an unnamed member of his inner-circle. It now appears that his words were directed at Hodgy Beats, who, during his own performance earlier in the evening, talked to the crowd about his unhappiness with Tyler. Beginning at the […]

Tyler, The Creator Raps New Dr. Seuss Book

Who didn’t love Dr. Seuss growing up? One person that definitely loves the legendary children’s novels is Tyler, The Creator. While stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live Tyler performed the Seuss’ new book (first one released since the author’s death in 1991), Which Pet Should I Get. While it seems like the whole skit was Kimmel’s idea I’m sure Tyler […]

Tyler, The Creator Talks Golf Media, Name Origin & Wanting To Start A Cult

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tyler, The Creator payed the late night show a visit to talk about his new app ‘Golf Media,’ which really has nothing to do with the exhilarating sport at all. Maybe the name was a ploy to expand users by reaching out to golf enthusiasts alike? If that’s the […]

A First Look At Tyler, The Creator’s New Media Channel

It’s true! Tyler, The Creator is officially getting his own media channel, entitled GOLF media. The channel is said to be filled with interviews, original cartoons, radio shows, GOLF sports, live concert streams, and more. GOLF media recently released it’s first official trailer with music from Tyler, The Creator’s The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Parts 6-12.  […]

Tyler, The Creator Says Odd Future Is ‘No More’

Oh no. After a series of sentimental tweets last night (May 27), it seems as if Tyler, The Creator hinted at the ultimate end of the hip hop collective, OFWGKTA, which stands for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. The group was formed in Los Angeles in 2007 and consisted of Tyler, the Creator, […]

Tyler, The Creator – “Cherry Bomb” (Album Review) || The Ether Report

https://soundcloud.com/theetherreport/cherry-bomb In a little more than half a decade Tyler, The Creator has risen from a kid seemingly spewing shock raps in Supreme to becoming one of the more complete artist in music. His grungy production style has become a distinct sound, his raps have gotten progressively better, and he’s taken leaps and bounds in […]