Run-DMC Biopic Coming Soon?

There is no denying the incredible success of Straight Outta Compton, which leaves people wanting more stories of hip hop pioneers to be told on the big screen. Fans have suggested the story of 2Pac, Death Row Records and others to be told next. But what about a movie uncovering the story of Run-DMC? There’s A […]

If You’re a Real Hip-Hop Fan, Meet The 050 Boyz #FeatureFriday

CONNECT: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Soundcloud|Website Three men from different walks of life have come together to merge their distinct sounds to form what has become the 050 Boyz. Hailing from Newark, Nj – Riq Da Kid, Tru Trilla and Prince AK are fighting to preserve Jersey’s historic Hip-Hop sound while simultaneously leaving their own mark on the community. […]

50 Cent Accused of Stealing Script Idea For ‘Power’

50 Cent‘s name is in the news again, this time pertaining to his Starz show Power. According to a writer named Curtis Scoon, 50 Cent stole the show’s concept from his script Dangerous. Scoon said that Fif was interested in Dangerous, but nothing ever happened. In a CVS-receipt length of tweets Scoon gives the timeline of his script and states producers […]