Meet Angel Brinks

Angel Brinks, brought into the television spotlight by her relationship with basketball star Tyreke Evans, is a television reality star and icon in the fashion industry. Brinks was born in Armenia and now lives in Hollywood. Her career in fashion has made her famous. She’s outfitted celebrities such as Black Chyna, Lil Kim, Trina, and several others. She met many of those celebrities through Evans, friends, and the popular reality television show Basketball Wives L.A. Between working as a designer, acting on reality television, and raising her two children Azari and Amani, Angel Brinks has made herself an icon – one that represents moving on from the past, working hard, and living life to the absolute fullest.


Childhood Growing up

Brinks knew that she was destined for a career in the arts from the age of three. Angel Brinks started with ballet and dance classes at a very young age and soon branched out into activities such as choir. However, coming from an Armenian family meant that Brinks’ parents were unhappy with her choices. They believed that their daughter was destined to be a doctor or a lawyer, and refused to support her dreams of joining the fashion industry. In fact, Brinks often snuck out of the family home for dance classes and was caught by her parents (who thought she’d been meeting boys) several times. Angel Brinks ended up as a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez while chasing her career.


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Brinks began her fashion career in 2010 with the launch of her first line. The clothing she got to wear in dance classes inspired her, as did the beautiful costumes dancers wore on the stage. The line heavily featured leggings. “Everyone was demanding leggings”, Brinks stated in an interview with us. “And I don’t know if it was because girls were getting their bodies done or if they were just hitting the gym or what, but girls were starting to want to, you know, not always wear dresses. They wanted to show off their bodies in tight clothing and leggings were in, but the only leggings you could ever find at American Apparel and all of these other stores were very basic one color leggings.” She started the line by taking normal leggings and adding glitter, sequins, and velvet to create far more expressive pieces. The line quickly took off and became a huge success, launching Brinks’ fashion career and making a name for her company. Following her success with leggings, Brinks’ fans were begging for more Shortly after, she began producing tops, matching sets, and body suits.


The first celebrity Angel Brinks styled was Trina, who fell in love with Brinks’ unique outfit while they were at a yacht party. Brinks created an outfit for Trina, and the word soon spread that Angel Brinks was the go-to girl for fashion in Hollywood. Her career as not only a designer but a designer to the stars kicked off and made her a prominent member of L.A.’s celebrity circles. Brinks is also well known for her relationship with Draya Michele, who she has known since before either of the two became famous.


The Show: Basketball Wives L.A.

Most people know of Angel Brinks because of her appearances on the reality television show Basketball Wives L.A. On the show, her relationship with NBA basketball star Tyreke Evans is a point of drama and excitement for the fashion designer. Brinks joined the cast of Basketball Wives L.A. at the beginning of season five and is still a prominent member of the cast, although her first appearance in the show was as a guest. The show focuses on the ever-changing relationships between basketball stars and their wives, as well as the lives of the wives and their friendships. There is some darkness in Angel Brinks‘ glamorous life, however. Before Brinks’ career as a fashion icon, the reality star worked as an escort in Las Vegas for several years. Before she launched her career in fashion with her stylish leggings, Brinks married a man she’d worked with while she was an escort. According to Loretha Lyon, when Brinks was nine months pregnant with her now eight-year-old son Azari, her husband committed suicide following an argument between the two Angel Brinks hasn’t yet revealed the identity of her husband. In happier news, however, Brinks and Evans also became pregnant, and the television personality now has a three-year-old daughter named Amani. Both of her children are beautiful and thriving.



Joining Basketball Wives L.A. has brought about a lot of change for Angel Brinks. In our interview with Angel Brinks she admitted that she was a little nervous about joining the show full time “You’re around a new group of girls, and you’re learning them. Furthermore, ladies all in all are entirely entangled you know? So at first I was somewhat anxious about it, yet I really took in a considerable measure from the young ladies and I had a super decent time taping with them.” Though Brinks had her concerns before joining the cast, she has become close with all the girls. She became close to Shaunie, wife of famed basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal, and began to look up to her as an inspirational woman in general and as an inspirational businesswoman. Becoming a regular on the famed television show and becoming part a group of women who understand the pressures of being involved with a basketball star who is often away for games has given Brinks a lot of support.

Brinks even states, “They play 82 games, only half of those are at home, so it’s not too often where we can be with him. So being around girls that are going through the same thing, that are married, we all kind of understand each other. It’s like a sisterhood.”

Now twenty-six years old, Brinks resides in Hollywood with her two children. She is still working in the fashion industry and with the cast of Basketball Wives LA. In several interviews, Brinks has teased her audience about what might happen on the next season of her hit show by refusing to answer her interviewer’s questions. Brinks’ future seems incredibly bright in both fashion and television. She is expanding her business into perfumes and luxury handbags that will match the outfits currently selling in her clothing lines. Brinks is also introducing a line of children’s clothes inspired by her daughter Amani.