Isaiah Rashad – ‘Smile’ Review

Isaiah Rashad is the proverbial young boy of TDE. With years away since his much talked about Cilvia Demo EP he dropped a much needed record in “Smile” to let the people know that he’s coming back for more this year. Isaiah is one of those artists that has all of the qualities of a great artist so we were excited about this one.

Production: The dreary bounce works here. While the production is dark in itself, it does bring something out of the listener with it’s use of drums and the screaming sample. It’s reminiscent of early Outkast with a G-Funk element. 8/10.

Lyrics/Substance: Isaiah has his flashes of brilliance here and there, but for the most part “Smile” isn’t ambitious lyrically. His story since stardom is told of him going back home and linking up with friends and disregarding his baby mother, underlined by the fact that he’s got a little more money to his name. 7/10.

Originality: Aside from his usage of new flows, this nothing new here. If your a fan of Isaiah’s previous work, this will fall in line. 6/10.

Replay Value: “Smile” definitely has some replay value. Entertaining flows, luring production, and dope tidbits of wordplay from Rashad here. 7/10.

*Ether Report Card – 7/10