Future – ‘EVOL’ Album Review

With his seventh project in just over a year Future‘s EVOL is a continuation of his successful formula. His sound has been everything from admired to bitten, but at this point some were afraid that it was getting stagnant. His use of producers rarely teeters from the usual suspects of Metro Boomin’, Southside, and DJ Spinz. His subject matter lives in the realm of pretty women, coming from nothing, motivational speaking, and his theories on love…all while being under the influence of various controlled substances.

On EVOL Future keeps in character. There’s not much new here. Upon a first listen you may not be able to discern one song from the next. The production sticks to the same drum patterns and instruments, and Future is doing what was stated above. It’s when you take start to really digest the album that you get an understanding for what’s going on here. Future is at his best when he’s in this zone.

It only takes two songs for the album to truly pick up with “Maybach,” a Southside and Metro Boomin’ produced banger that takes complete control of the listener with it’s familiar bounce. Future’s experiments with a yo-yo flow and his ode to never be the “other guys” is him finding time to get conscious even through the bragging.

Where some may think his sound is getting stale, one would have to argue that this is his signature. The reason it may be wearing is due to the fact that many have been influenced by it. The thing with Future is that there is an element to believability to him. From the subject matter to the delivery there’s a feeling the music creates that is unmatched by his peers. “Lil’ Haiti Baby” is him talking to the youth, but this isn’t a PSA of do right, Future puts perspective into play here. “You want an R&B chick it ain’t nothing to get her” he tells them, speaking to the younger him who was able to land an R&B chick.

Ciara was likely the reason for his naming of this project. The idea that she was the catalyst for this adds a layer to that believability. The two are currently going at it in court as their love has surely turned EVOL. It’s interesting to note that at times Future’s hedonism can come off as a cry. All signs point to the fact that she was the love of his life and it’s reflected in the music. We all know that the breakup was what jumpstarted this run in the first place, we can’t put it past him that the loss of this love affected him deeply to the point that he’s become this savage he portrays in records.

At this point there is a divide. Some will say there is over saturation, but the fans will appreciate more music. EVOL doesn’t show much in terms of growth, but it capitalizes on what Future does best and the overall narrative of his career. There are sure fire bangers on EVOL that can’t be denied, but there is a point in the argument of detractors. Let’s see what happens from here.

*Ether Report Card – 7.42/10