Sporting*Goods: Calvin Johnson Retires & Blake Griffin Injures Hand In Petty Fight

1. Long Live Megatron

The Detroit Lions can now add a second superstar who retired at the height of his powers. First they lost legendary running back Barry Sanders to an early retirement and now they just lost Calvin Johnson. At 30 years old Calvin “Megatron” Johnson will step away from the game and will be known as one of the most dominant receivers of all-time that was never on the right team. Johnson told the team that after nine seasons he is done with football. Though his career was short and his numbers were still damn good as a football fan you can only think what if.

Stranded on a crappy Lions team for the majority of his career Johnson still managed to total 731 receptions, 11,619 yards, and 83 touchdowns. He reached the playoffs twice, but was unable to make much noise. According to ESPN’s sources Megatron informed his inner circle before last season that 2015 would be his final rodeo as Peyton Manning would call it and he is sticking to that word.

Part of me is holding out hope that he takes a year off and returns to a team that can use his services to do something (i.e. Patriots, Panthers, Cowboys, Giants, Packers). The other part feels like we saw a legend leave the game and weren’t ready to say goodbye. Knowing what a class act Johnson is he would never say that his current team affected his decision to retire, but is coming back to the bumbling Matthew Stafford and Jim Caldwell really that enticing? This is a sad day for football and a tragic blow for the Detroit sports scene.