Sporting*Goods: Calvin Johnson Retires & Blake Griffin Injures Hand In Petty Fight

2. Same Old Clippers?

When sleazeball Donald Sterling was forced to sell the Los Angeles Clippers hoops fans around the globe that it was the end of a terrible era. The Sterling regime was best known for its dysfunction, poor performances and wacky incidents (like Sterling chirping at his own players during games). Well we are in year two of the Steve Ballmer era and not much has changed aside from the winning.

This past summer the team engaged in one of the most confusing free agent incidents in recent memory to re-sign DeAndre Jordan. In this same summer Doc Rivers signed known locker room cancers Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith and wouldn’t you guess it, those two are out of the rotation or out of LA in Smith’s case. In the midst of all of this the Clippers have still been winning at an effective rate thanks to the willpower of Chris Paul and J.J. Redick who have stepped it up in the absence of Blake Griffin, which brings us to today.

Today it was announced the Griffin will miss six weeks with a broken hand after getting into an altercation with a Clippers equipment staff member. The altercation allegedly took place at a restaurant in Toronto while the team was on the road. Griffin and the unnamed staff member–who Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are allegedly close friends with–got into an argument that resulted in Griffin striking the staff member multiple times both inside and outside the restaurant.

The star power forward has already missed significant time with a quadriceps injury will now be missing close to four full months. The team has played surprisingly well without their second best player, but four months is pushing it. At some point Chris Paul will need some help and that help is usually Griffin. Maybe the Donald Sterling stink still hasn’t gone away after all.