WTF Happened In Hip Hop This Week? Rihanna Drops Anti, Kanye Takes Shots At Wiz In Twitter Rant, & More



It’s the last week in January, and it’s no secret this week has been pretty eventful…to say the least. Let’s not forget that it’s only January. I told you your favorite artist were going to start this year off right, and I, for one, am here for it. Although the two artists that completely took over this week are undoubtedly Kanye and Rihanna, who else proved to be interesting? I’m glad you asked.

Get your wtf’s ready.


10. Earl Sweatshirt Needs Answers

There’s been a lot of tweeting going on this week in the music industry, and Earl Sweatshirt decided to join the club. Although he clearly wasn’t feeling Post Malone’s song, Malone isn’t really “sweating” it.

He even changed his name to “Post Sweatpants.” Good one.

9. B.O.B Believes The Earth Is Flat

So…yeah. This actually happened. In between the two tweets posted above, B.O.B goes on to tweet a host of evidence to support his theory. Is someone going to tell him the truth or shall we?

8. J.Cole “Forest Hills Drive” Goes Live

In honor of his 31st birthday, which was January 28th, J.Cole decided to release a live rendition of his widely successful album “Forest Hills Drive.” The album includes all of the same tracks on the album, only this time performed live at his sold out show in his hometown Fayetteville, N.C. Happy belated birthday, Cole!

7. Calvin Klein Has Tapped Your Favorite Rappers For His New Global Campaign

Okay, so have you ever seen Kendrick Lamar take a selfie? I guess Calvin Klein was the appropriate way to set it off. Other rappers joining him include Fetty Wap and Joey Bada$$. Check out the hashtag #mycalvins for more.

6. #Islah

Kevin Gates has finally dropped his official debut album, Islah, which is named after his daughter. Featuring Jamie Foxx, Trey Songz, and more, this project appears to further solidify Gates’ position in this industry. Buy the album here!

5. Queen Bee Takes Over

In a new video with Coldplay entitled “Hymn For The Weekend,” Beyonce continues to show why she’s #flawless.

4. Kanye Changes Album Title to Waves

Someone’s feeling wavey.

3. Kanye  Goes On Twitter Rant, Takes Shots at Wiz Khalifa

Kanye saw the letters “KK” on Wiz’s twitter and immediately thought he was referring to his wife… I guess everyone didn’t get the memo on Khalifa Kush. He then went on a ridiculous twitter rant talking about everything from Wiz’s cool pants, owning Wiz’s son, and Amber Rose.

2. More Kanye…

So much happened with this guy this week, it couldn’t possibly fit all in one. Especially when you get accused of liking fingers in the butt. Perhaps we should all take notes and never come for Amber or her son. Ever. #youwillgetexposed

1. Rihanna Drops Anti, Goes Platinum in Hours

This is not a drill! Rihanna has finally dropped her long awaited 8th studio album, and it instantly goes platinum. Can you say #RIHdiculous? I can’t say that, but I can say YES!