Wiz Khalifa ft. Travi$ Scott – “Bake Sale” Review

Wiz Khalifa and Travi$ Scott come together on the unexpected banger “Bake Sale.” Previously previewed by Travi$ Scott and TM88, the highly anticipated cut is set to be on Wiz Khalifa’s upcoming album Khalifa.

Production: The beat, originally produced by DJ Spinz and used for G-Eazy’s “Order More,” is a surefire banger. The drums pop like they’re supposed to and the synth has this suspenseful feeling to it. The additional production handled by Crazy Mike, Lex Luger, TM88, and Juicy J adds an extra feeling to this song that makes sense for Travis Scott to be featured on it. 8/10.

Lyrics/Substance: Let’s be honest, there is not much being discussed here. Travis and Wiz are simply talking their shit over a dope beat. Parties, women, weed, and money. If there is substance here, it’s a controlled substance. 6/10.

Originality: While much of Wiz’s catalog has to do with marijuana, what’s original is the music sonically. Travis and Wiz share common fanbases. Thus, while the collaboration was unexpected it makes a lot of sense. Travis’ darkside preference of production is a new look for Wiz who is usually on a lighter style of production. 7/10.

Replay Value: If this song is anything it’s a banger. You can play this in multiple scenarios and it will suit the setting. It’s not overbearing and doesn’t require much thought. “Bake Sale” induces positive vibes. 8/10.

*Ether Report Card Rating: 7/10.