The Best and Worst Case Scenarios For Your Favorite Rapper In 2016 || The Ether Report

As the year opens up it’s always fun to assess the landscape and predict the future of your favorite artists. We know some artists are guaranteed to make noise then you have the artists who could surprise, and on the other end of the spectrum you have the artist who could let you down.

This year, in conjunction with our Hip Hop Fantasy Draft, our panel took a look at some of our picks and decided what the best and worst case scenarios were for the upcoming year.

Kanye West

Best Case Scenario: With many fans being a bit turned off a lack of effort Kanye has put into music, in favor of fashion, Kanye comes back like a boomerang and drops what he says could be the greatest album of all time.

Worst Case Scenario: SWISH WAVES drops and is a dud. Kanye’s decline is no longer just a speculation, but a fact. The Kardashians receive the blame.

Big Sean

Best Case Scenario: Big Sean builds on the success of Dark Sky Paradise and finally stamps his name into the forefront of conversation.

Worst Case Scenario: Sean regresses and drops an album with a reception like his sophomore effort and gets lost in the crowd once again.


Best Case Scenario: YG’s Still Krazy shows growth and maturity in his as an artist. He makes noise on the charts with a hit record, preferably with his ace DJ Mustard.

Worst Case Scenario: Still Krazy suffers from the sophomore slump. The album produces no hits and doesn’t move the needle at all. DJ Mustard chooses not to work with YG, but has a great year for himself.

Mick Jenkins

Best Case Scenario: His experimenting with the Waves EP pays off and THC is a complete project, one of the best if not the best of the year. The world takes notice and Mick is on the verge of stardom.

Worst Case Scenario: Mick gets lost in the sauce as plenty of other artists are dropping projects and THC goes unnoticed, and is even underwhelming musically.
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