Kanye West Is The Most Disappointing Artist of 2015

Story by: Saskia Jabalon

As we look back on the year 2015 we remember the good, the bad, and the very ugly. It was a good year for Hip-Hop indeed, but not necessarily a good year for all of our favorite Hip-Hop artists. Artists such as A$ap Rocky, Kid Cudi, and Tyler the Creator contend for 2015’s most disappointing artist.

All the artists mentioned previously released albums that weren’t exactly what fans were expecting of them. Kid Cudi’sSpeeding Bullet to Heaven” was a total flop and A$ap Rocky had a rather uneventful year after his album release but it’s Kanye West and Meek Mill who go neck and neck for the title.

As we all know, Meek took quite a few L’s throughout the summer of 2015, and it all started with the one tweet that earned him the moniker ‘Twitterfingers’. The ensuing series of events was less of a rap beef and more of a flawless fatality delivered from Drake and mostly, the internet.

Besides the beef being so one-sided even though Meek Mill is known for coming up as a battle-rapper, what’s most troubling is the tragic aftermath of Meek’s still young career. Just before the drama, he had released ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money‘ an album that sold almost 250,000 copies in the first week and reached number 1 on the Billboard top 200. Meek had no where to go but up, or so we thought, until his career took a sharp turn (and a steep dive) once he took to twitter and dissed Drizzy. Yikes.

Yet, as unsightly as Meek’s career was looking after all the backlash, it is Yeezy who ultimately failed to meet the great expectations that were set for him in the year of 2015. From the botched release of his clothing line to the great confusion surrounding his yet-to-be-released album ‘Swish‘ Kanye certainly did not do much to satisfy his already-massive fan base during 2015, and that is why he’s earned  the title of 2015’s most disappointing artist.

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