Sporting*Goods: Cam Newton The Wave God & David Blatt The Fall Guy



I won’t stop now, mothafucka this is my town. Take the block, make it hot now, 143rd with the drop down. Icy chain with the watch now, third piece full of rocks now. Niggas squint when they watch now, leveling up to the top now. – A$AP FergNew Level

What a week in sports. The past couple of weeks have been tough for gathering news. There has been relative radio static on the sports wire, but things have ramped up towards the end of January. Super Bowl 50 is now set to be the Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers in a match-up of the old mold of a quarterback (Peyton Manning) versus the new mold (Cam Newton). The golden anniversary of the biggest in sports is sure to be a good one featuring two brand names.

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The NBA also had an active week of news. The starting lineups for the All-Star Game were announced last week. Kobe Bryant will indeed be in the starting lineup one final time, flanking his successor Stephen Curry and playing opposite of the rival that never was in LeBron James. Speaking of LeBron, he was in the news this week for killing yet another coach. This time the poor sap is David Blatt who has to be the first head coach to get fired on his day off while his team was doing well. So why did he get the axe?

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