Sporting*Goods: Black Monday In The NFL & College Football Playoff Results



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Holy sh-t it’s 2016. It seems like 2015 started yesterday, but time flies when you’re making moves. To kick off the year we are talking straight football (basketball is going to have February through June to have our undivided attention) so if you want to hear about anything else besides football the exit is in the top right of the page.

The NFL kicked off the year by wrapping up its regular season and firing all the dead weight in the league. Commonly known as “Black Monday” is the day all the lame duck coaches and general managers get their walking papers and quite a few coaches were walking on Monday. The Browns cleaned house for the third time in five years, the Colts should have cleaned house, and Saints have been mum on their next move.

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As for the teams that actually did well their real season starts this weekend. If there are any Jets fans who have not heard yet, we (yes I use “we” when referring to the Jets, Knicks, or Yankees) are not playing this weekend thanks to the most Jets loss of all time. Still, this year’s playoff bracket is unpredictable and stacked with the league’s best and hottest teams setting the stage for an exciting month. Regardless of what happens the NFL playoffs cannot come close to how pathetic the college football bowl season was. It was as if God had punished ESPN for murdering Grantland.

See what was so pathetic and what else went on this week in this edition of Sporting*Goods.