WTF Happened In Hip-Hop This Week? Lil’ Kim Talks Album for 2016, Kendrick Lamar Leads Grammy Noms, & More



This week in Hip-Hop has been dominated by The Grammy award nominee’s being announced, and the list is very, very intriguing. Aside from The Grammy hype, what else happened this week? Oh, just a few surprise album drops, a letter from Iggy, …and a baby name. What did ‘Ye name his second child? Get your “wtf’s” ready.

10. Baby Saint

9. Leader of the Pack

That’s right. Kendrick really is leading this year’s Grammy pack. And yes, Drake really is nominated for a Grammy because of a diss track. What a time…

8. POTUS loves his Kendrick

The POTUS favorite song of the year is “How Much A Dollar Cost.”v He’s officially the coolest president ever.

7. #RevengeoftheDreamersII

The Dreamers just dropped their sequel to Revenge of the Dreamers, and it’s just as good…if not better.

6. #ThisThingCalledLife

August Alsina’s highly anticipated follow up to his debut album is finally here…ya’ know officially (despite being leaked).

5. The Lawsuit


4. Dear Erykah…

Could this lead to a truce?


At 15, Willow drops her debut, and she produced the entire album herself.

2. Future x Ty Dolla Sign

Did you get your tickets yet?

1. The Return?

This should be interesting.