Sporting*Goods: Peyton Manning Accused of PED Use & Yankees Land Big Arm



“My name is my name” – Marlo Stanfield The Wire

You know 2015 could not end quietly and this week there was a ton of news as we rapidly approach the new year. The NFL took the lion’s share of the headlines this week as the regular season draws to an end. With the playoffs on the line some teams lived up to the hype like the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs. Others failed to live up to the moment and are now on the outside looking in like the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers weren’t the biggest losers from this past week somehow.

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No, that belongs to the Carolina Panthers who saw their perfect season fall to the wayside at the hands of an unlikely opponent. Another loser from this week was Peyton Manning. It was nothing that Manning did, but what some weasels had to say about him. The hip-hop world apparently is not the only place where people’s names are lied on as Manning’s name was brought up in a HGH probe. Manning has already countered by saying he plans to sue his detractors. Who are those detractors exactly?

Find out who and see what else went on in the final 2015 edition of Sporting*Goods.