Sporting*Goods: Conor McGregor Destroys Jose Aldo & The Warriors Finally Lose



Teflon long sleeve, and my hardhat. Don’t matter if I’m openin up, or headline. Doin the speed limit or pushin red lines – Jadakiss Reservoir Dogs

The season of giving is in full effect and the sports world just can’t stop giving. The week featured the Golden State Warriors clawing their way to 24-0, fighting off opponents like a seasoned prize fighter trying to stave off all contenders. Despite their valiant effort the unstoppable force was finally stopped. That’s right even Stephen Curry gets cold and even Draymond Green gets tired. One team that did manage to stay undefeated however were the Carolina Panthers. Led by their league MVP Cam Newton they now stand 13-0 with three left to play.

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All of these headlines paled in comparison to what occurred Saturday night in Las Vegas. The UFC rolled out its best card of the year and knocked it out of the park. Mixed martial arts fans will come to remember UFC 194 as the night Conor McGregor became a star. The loudmouth Irishman talked himself up and delivered on every word he uttered. I don’t want to get ahead of myself and call him MMA’s answer to Muhammad Ali.

See what McGregor did for me to even say something so stupid and see what else went down in a loaded edition of Sporting*Goods.