WTF Happened In Sports This Week: Antonio Brown’s Throwback Celebration & Return of Rondo



Christmas is right around the corner which means two things–first, football is coming to the end of its season and second, basketball is just getting started. In the NFL the playoffs is the main topic of conversation and Antonio Brown wants to make sure his squad, the Pittsburgh Steelers, stay in that conversation until the very end. Thus far he and his teammates have succeed even without Le’Veon Bell to keep their playoff hops alive by running the competition out of the building.

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Speaking of running their competition out of the building the Golden State Warriors are now 24-0 and look like they cannot lose no matter what. The NBA could just ship the MVP trophy over to Stephen Curry‘s  house now and save the time of gathering votes. One player that deserves some votes for Comeback Player of the Year is Rajon Rondo. Last season was hell for the former floor general of the Boston Celtics, but he is killing the game again up in Sacramento.

See what he’s been up to this and what other plays made the countdown in this edition of WTF Happened In Sports This Week.