Fans Must Hydrate Ashanti’s New Single To Hear It


Ashanti has released her brand new single “Let’s Go,” but there’s a twist.

Teaming up with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and its Drink Up initiative, which encourages everyone to drink more water more often, the singer is calling on her fans to bring the new single to life.

The song will continue to be low-fi and the video will remain stripped down, until fans “hydrate” the song with digital water by using the hashtag #DrinkUpAshanti on social media. As more donations come in using the hashtag, the song’s sound and video quality will increasingly get better, until everyone can listen to the song and enjoy it.

Ashanti said:

“I love that my song is being used to encourage people to make a really easy choice: drinking more water every day. It’s even more rewarding when it’s being done in a creative, positive way. Drinking water is in … it’s just cool and sexy. You are what you drink, so drink up. It’s also a pleasure to work with the First Lady again to help make the healthy choice the easy choice.”

If you want the new single in stellar form, start using the hashtag #DrinkUpAshanti now. For more information about Drink Up, visit