Sporting*Goods: Kobe Announces Plans To Retire & Johnny Football Can’t Stop Turning Up



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It was a quiet Thanksgiving week in sports. Not much went down on the field or off the field that would break the internet like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar did. No, the sports world was very predictable this week. The only headlines that ran across the ticker was something you hear about every day. Like Johnny Manziel being benched for partying too much. Like Tony Romo breaking his collarbone and missing the remainder of the season. See? Nothing you have not heard before.

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The only news that left people buzzing happened on Sunday night when Kobe Bryant announced via The Players Tribune that he will retire at season’s end. The news much like the Romo and Manziel news was not something that came out of nowhere, but to finally hear the words come from the GOAT’s mouth adds the realism to it. The NBA will now lose it’s most recognizable player, leaving LeBron James as the undisputed face of the league.

See what else went down in the final week of November in this edition of Sporting*Goods.