Sporting*Goods: The Greg Hardy Photos & The Derrick Rose Break-Up

3. Power Flip

For the first time in forever a university felt the wrath from the people they make a killing off of. Members of the University of Missouri football team threatened to sit out the team’s football games until the university president Tim Wolfe stepped down over race relations at the university. To no one’s surprise Missouri has had quite a bit of trouble in terms of race relations. The Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri was the biggest story in the nation for a good two months last year.

Now the state’s biggest university found itself in the middle of another race story with students going on hunger strikes to get justice. Unlike Ferguson this battle ends with justice as Wolfe stepped down Monday afternoon. While it is great to see the student athletes use their platform to help other I would like to see them use this platform to get a cut of the millions they pour in for the university.