Sporting*Goods: The Greg Hardy Photos & The Derrick Rose Break-Up



True I got more fans than the average man but not enough loot to last me to the end of the week. I live by the beat like you live check to check. If you don’t move yo’ foot then I don’t eat, so we like neck to neck – Outkast Elevators

The first week of November is over and 2015 is rapidly coming to an end. With no baseball for the first time since April there was a huge void left for the NBA to fill and boy did they fill it. The 2015 rookie class is already shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory with Karl-Anthony Towns, Kristaps Porzingis, and Jahlil Okafor lighting it up early. Speaking of lighting it up it seems like we are headed for another crazy MVP race with Stephen Curry at the forefront. Curry is averaging 36 points a game, the highest total since Michael Jordan in 1991-92 season.

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While basketball kept us entertained during the week the NFL still managed to grab headlines for all the wrong reasons. The photos from Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Greg Hardy were finally leaked out to the public and they were as ugly as many anticipated. The league office and Cowboys have been mum on the photo (shocker) and all indications show that Hardy will not be penalized for his heinous act. How can a league that clearly doesn’t care about women get away with something like this? By using a distraction to get everyone off that and the league might have one after this weekend.

See what that distraction might be and see what else went down this week in this edition of Sporting*Goods.