Seth Sentry – ‘Strange New Past’ Album Review

Seth Sentry is an indie rapper hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The Aussie rapper combines slapstick humor with fluid storytelling over easy listening beats to provide an easily digestible album for listeners new and old with Strange New Past. Sentry has a penchant for flows. He glides over his tracks effortlessly. For once it sounds as if a rapper’s accent has aided them, as his ability to enunciate seems to be due to his native tongue. The accents and rap style will draw the obvious comparison to Eminem, from whom Seth seems to have drawn influence. You can hear the student in him as he raps, the way he strings his words together and uses that accent that Eminem has been known to use gracefully.

“Dumb” is the draw in. With a catchy melody and humorous subject matter Sentry questions his intelligence after an episode of “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader.” Good for shits and giggles, “Dumb” is very well done from a technical aspect. His singing is done with makings of a hit, the inflections in his voice during the third verse are something to note as well. It’s apparent that Seth puts a lot of thought into it all. “Dumb” like others is especially notable because Seth never seems scatterbrained or falls off topic. Every song sticks to its subject. Other standouts include “Violin,” which speaks on Seth’s relationship with his estranged father, and “How Are You” the Fight Club inspired intro where Seth lists the titles to every song when answering the nicety.

The album’s downfall may be due to that same element. It screams “I learned how to rap through years of hard work, how is it this?” Seth doesn’t come off as a natural. It’s difficult to listen and not hear traces of other emcees as influences. It’s very easy to listen to, but it doesn’t move you.

Strange New Past doesn’t do anything wrong, but it doesn’t reinvent the wheel either. It plays like bro’s cool new mixtape more so than a produced album. Though most of the content is centered around the artist, we don’t really learn what separates Seth from the rest of the pack and he can easily be picked apart by his biggest critics. His style is more workman than wunderkind, and that has nothing to do with his age. An analogy can be made that he’s the non-athletic dude with fundamental hoop skills. More mind than magic.

*Ether Report Card – 7.1/10