Sporting*Goods: Lamar Odom’s Close Call With Death & Insane MLB Playoffs



Dwellin in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled, or caught by the devil’s lasso, shit is a hassle – Nas The World Is Yours

It was quite the week in the world of sports to say the least. There was no shortage of stuff to watch with the championship series in baseball in full swing and the preseason of basketball holding us down until football on the weekend. The basketball world got a serious scare when one of their own almost lost his life battling post-retirement life, a world not given nearly as much attention as the fame and fortune side of being a professional athlete.

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On the football side of things the much anticipated “Deflategate Bowl” took place on Sunday night and it was not the massacre nor major story most anticipated. Outside of the clash between the Patriots and Colts there was not much going on in the professional ranks. Instead, college offered the best storylines. A classic coach called it quits after 37 seasons on the sideline and the MichiganMichigan State rivalry just got ten times better.

Find out why and what else happened this week in this edition of Sporting*Goods.