WTF Happened In Sports This Week: The Money Mets & The Michigan State Miracle



Very rarely does a team or player take over a week of sports like the New York Mets. New York’s long regarded “second baseball team” has been anything but second, they’ve been dominant. They have reinvigorated the city that has been going through a quiet title drought. Names like Jacob deGrom, Daniel Murphy, and Jeurys Familia will now resonate with New Yorkers the same way names like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Pettitte do. You don’t dismantle a team like the 2015 Chicago Cubs (who will win a World Series within the next three years) without being absolute savages which is what the Mets have turned into.

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Outside of the Money Mets there was quite a lot of stupidity on the football field. Michigan was ten seconds away from upsetting state rival Michigan State. All they had to do was successfully punt the football and the game was over. Clearly that was too much to handle and now Michigan State has bragging rights and visual trash talk for the next decade. Stupidity had no boundaries as there was another botched punt job this week, this one in the NFL. You have to see it to believe how stupid a team can be.

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