WTF Happened In Sports This Week: Bat Flips, Big Hits, & Crossovers



What a time….to be watching sports. We are in the midst of the peak in the sports cycle. If you turn on your television or hit a sports bar this weekend you will have the option of watching some playoff baseball, some football and even some basketball. What more can you really ask for?

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Number one on the must watch list right now has to be the MLB playoffs. I know, I know, baseball is not better than football, but trust me this postseason has had everything you want. Guys like Jose Bautista and Yoenis Cespedes have hit the ball a very long way and made sure the opposing pitcher knows it. The Cubs are destroying anyone in their path and the rookies have completely taken over the league.

The NFL and NBA also had some moments of violation in an action packed week of highlights, so without further delay let’s see WTF Happened In Sports This Week.