WTF Happened In Sports This Week: Steelers Get Le’Veon Bell Back & Mike Trout Reminds Us He Isn’t Human



Happy October! This is the start of the best month in sports. In the coming weeks you will have playoff baseball (significantly better than regular season baseball) and the beginning of basketball season with football on the weekends. It doesn’t get much better than that, but before we can sprint towards October we have to properly say goodbye to September also known as the month that never existed this year.

Mike Trout had a few things to get off his chest before the regular season ended and that wasn’t a good thing for the other players. If Trout can will his team to the playoffs he’d be setting up a date in the Bronx with the Yankees who enter the playoffs as the second New York team for the first time in forever. That’s right the Mets clinched and will be more likely to reach the World Series than the Yankees.

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On the football field there were a lot of great plays in college, but a relatively quiet week in the pros from a playmaking standpoint. Le’Veon Bell returned to the Steelers last Sunday and picked up right where he left off, destroying defenses and taking names. That’s something a player like Leonard Fournette will do once he reaches the pros.

So without further delay let’s say goodbye to the regular season in baseball, welcome back to Le’Veon Bell and goodbye to the Nationals in this edition of WTF Happened In Sports.