The Internet Hilariously Reacts to ‘What A Time To Be Alive’



By now, I’m sure we’ve all heard Drake and Future’s highly anticipated collaborative album What A Time To Be Alive. If not, you can buy it here, but… what were you doing yesterday? No, for real. The internet was on fire. Everyone’s speakers were on fire. Like, the world was on fire. But, of course, social media had to make sure it dropped some of the funniest memes yet.

Ya’ll ready?

15. Pastor Hendrix

Now, bow your heads so we can give thanks to the 6 god.

14. Know Your History


A photo posted by Mak Lion (@themaklion) on

It’s lit.

13.  Jumpman



12. The Heat


Also, accurate.

11. Poor Nicki


This picture is literally perfect. Don’t get caught, Nick.

10. Gang


“Come live out all your dreams at OVO…”

9. Poor Meek

You gotta be quicker than that.

8. Mood

No, but this really is beautiful.

7. Thanks, ya’ll.

Ya’ll took this L for us? Ya’ll so sweet.

6. Unite

No comment.

5. Big Rings


4. #DisTewMuch

Happy tears.

3. Peek-A-Boo

Put them headphones back in, girl.

2. Back 2 Back…2 Back

*insert crying emoji’s here*

1. LIT

It really is lit, ya’ll. What a time…