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Justin Love


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North Jersey native, Justin Love, has been putting in tremendous studio hours since deciding to pursue his music career full time and trust us… give him a listen and you will not be disappointed. Fresh out of the Youtube cover era, Justin began gathering a steady fan base through his sultry renditions of classics such as 112‘s ‘Anywhere’ and The Temptations‘ ‘My Girl’, but he has now grown into an extremely talented singer and producer all by the age of 20.

His first LP, “Dreams of Love 2” is set to drop tomorrow, September 5th, and we are beyond excited, but until then we have the exclusive inside scoop on Justin Love.

Interview by Michelle Locke (@mishtheishh)

GFM: Where are you originally from?

J: Cliffside Park, NJ

How has it influenced your music?

J: It really made me who I am today. At the end of the day it was pretty hard trying to find motivation since my town is not very inspiring. I wasn’t allowed to go out to New York much, my dad was not into that AT ALL. He didn’t want me going anywhere alone and school always came first to him so that’s where my focus was growing up. Now for the first time I am a full time music artist, focusing on what I love.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

J: New Edition, Boyz 2 Men, Run DMC, Biggie, Luther Vandross; just a lot of soulful artists, R & B and some dope ass Hip Hop. I loved the energy of those artists.

How did you get started in music?

J: I’m Puerto Rican, Cuban and Chinese so my family parties were always pretty huge. My mom is full Puerto Rican and every time there was a family birthday event she would sing happy birthday. Well when I was 4 my younger brother was turning one and I wanted to sing at his birthday, so I sang and sounded terrible! I sounded like Alfalfa *laughs*!  But the support of my mom carried me through, I felt like I was giving something special. Ever since then I have been telling people to be quiet to hear me sing a song whenever I get the urge.

How many music projects have you released thus far?

J: I’ve only released one project thus far. I did my YouTube cover thing in middle school but wanted to start writing my own songs and making my own beats so I took a little break but now it’s a full time thing. I have found myself as a person and took on the responsibilities of what it takes to be a recording artist.

What is your biggest inspiration?

J: My biggest inspiration was seeing people around me grow. I just thought to myself if they could do it then I can do it. I’m going to make it doing what I love.

Who are you currently listening to?

J: I’m mainly just focusing on working on my own music, but I do listen to whatever is on the radio and whatever I’m going to work on next. I also listen to the music of the artists I collab with like P Dice. He’s really dope.

Now Time For Some Fun…

Name one thing people don’t know about you that you wish they did know.

J: I can relate to people too much. I worry and care about a lot of things and just have a very big heart which hurts me at times.

Your ultimate Celebrity WCW Award goes tooooo…

J: I’m very glad you asked that question *laughs*, I’m going to have to pick two! Kehlani & @KetlyD, she’s on IG and she’s something else!

Thoughts on Drake v. Meek Mill rap “beef” (and I say beef very lightly) in comparison to historic rap beefs like Jay vs. Nas or Eazy E vs. Dre?

J: Older generation rappers left their mark in a way that is non-comparable. Their kind of beef was a lot worse than what Drake did to Meek Mill.

Finish the sentence: One of the greatest moments in Hip Hop was when…

J: Fetty made history with his 4 singles on the Billboard Top 10 of Hot Rap Songs. He was the first artist to ever do it and I will be the second!

If you could pick any artist, dead or alive, to do a collab with who would it be?

J: Michael Jackson & Aaliyah.

What’s a piece of advice that you would give to other young New Jersey artists trying to make it?

J: Be young and gifted; do your own thing. Don’t focus on trying to make it, focus on what your next work of art is and what you’re going to do next. Build your brand. Everyone has a gun, fill your gun with a lot of ammo. The ammo is your art. Every song that I make is my ammo that I’m going to shoot at everybody when I’m ready. Make sure you fill it with enough ammo so people will never lose interest.

Well Said! Thanks for speaking with Good*Fella Media and we’ll make sure to check out your debut LP ‘Dreams of Love 2’ tomorrow!

Listen To Justin Love’s Hot Single’s ‘Stress No More’ and ‘Like That’:

Justin Love’s Upcoming Show Date:

9/17 – Back to the Brooks @ Stonybrook College