Iggy Azalea Responds To T.I. After He Publicly Cuts Ties With Her


Iggy Azalea has responded to T.I. after he implied that he had cut ties with her during a recent radio interview. During his visit to HOT 97 on Wednesday (Sept.16), TIP revealed that his business relationship with Azalea “took a bit of a rest stop” and that he and his former mentee have yet to talk personally.

T.I. said he and Iggy’s professional relationship grew strained after her public feud with Q-Tip, who called out Azalea for appropriating black culture and delivered a detailed hip-hop history lesson via Twitter.

“After the Q-Tip thing, after I kind of had smoothed it over, like okay, ‘What is really meant to be said here is…’ After it was cool, everything was cool, and then [Team Iggy] kind of came back and undid what I had just [accomplished].”

The Australian rapper responded to her former mentor on Twitter on Thursday (Sept. 17).

Still, T.I. told HOT 97 that there are no hard feelings between him and Azalea:

“She had a lot thrown at her in one time, any human being anywhere is going to have a hard time. It’s very difficult to be the new kid and to be the butt of the jokes and to be directed, like, be the direction of all the negativity, you know what I mean?… [Iggy] came at a time when culturally, this nation — she’s not from here — we were actually looking for a source for somewhere to place some pent-up aggression… And they just got it for no reason. In some cases, they brought it upon themselves, and in some cases, they were kind of just the easiest place to put some pent up aggression.”

Watch the full interview below.