First Female NFL Coach Accepts Floyd Mayweather’s Invitation



Jen Welter broke barriers when she became the first woman to coach in the NFL recently with the Arizona Cardinals. Now Welter is breaking barriers in another forum–becoming the first woman to hear Floyd Mayweather Jrout. Welter accepted an invitation to Mayweather’s weigh-in before his tilt with Andre Berto, but under the condition that she has time to speak with the boxer.

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For those still in the dark as to why this is news let me catch you up to date. Mayweather has a history of domestic violence, something women like Ronda Rousey never let him forget. In an effort to change his perception among women it appears he is reaching out to a woman that would best understand him as an athlete.

Welter is also well aware of Mayweather’s troubling past and looks at the invitation to Vegas as a sign that he wants to change.

“I am very anti-domestic violence, and the spotlight that is shown on domestic violence through sports creates a possibility where we can say, ‘No this isn’t ok and we can change it.’ Me accepting this ticket does not mean I support his past, but hopefully it is a way to be an instrument for change in the future. What I do know is I certainly can’t do anything good by rejecting what seems to be an olive branch.”

Let’s hope Welter is right and that Mayweather is indeed looking to change his character and who better to help him than a woman with as much mental, spiritual and physical strength as Welter has? Maybe this is the beginning of the next chapter of Floyd Mayweather Jr.