Sporting*Goods: Life Gets Harder For The Cowboys & Rutgers Looks Stupid Again



And your absence is very concerning / It’s like you went on vacation with no plan of returning – Drake 30 for 30 Freestyle

We are rapidly approaching the official beginning of fall. Baseball season mercifully has two more weeks of their regular season and for teams expecting to play in October the playoffs have already begun. The Mets and Yankees met up this weekend for the latest installment of the Subway Series or as it should be properly called, the humbling of the Mets. Despite having home field advantage and three of their aces the Mets still managed to lose two out of three and look almost as big of dunces as Eli Manning.

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Lucky for the Mets (and Eli) another team in the New York area managed to look the stupider than them both. Rutgers can officially stamp themselves clowns of the town after losing their best player to a domestic violence incident and their head coach to a NCAA violation. Way to go Rutgers, way to make us alums proud!

In other depressing football news the Dallas Cowboys lost another big player, quite possibly ending any Super Bowl hopes. Find out who it is and what else went on this week in this edition of Sporting*Goods.