Meek Mill Might Get Sued by WWE’s Undertaker for Drake Dis Track


Looks like Meek Mill‘s days are just getting worse and worse. Recently, the rapper has been the victim of internet roasting by fans, in regards to his latest dis track, “Wanna Know” to Drake.  However, it’s looking like Meek has some other problems on his hands, with the WWE. According to recent reports, the Undertaker (Mark Calway) plans on suing the artist for using his infamous theme song to record “Wanna Know.”

The lawsuit is said to be around $500,000.

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As most of you may know, the WWE has been in some serious hot water after the incident with Hulk Hogan so they are mostly likely not to take any situation concerning them lightly.

In fact a spokesperson from WWE spoke with TMZ, “WWE takes its intellectual property rights very seriously, and we’re looking into the matter.”

Also just incase you may not of known the Undertaker wasn’t really a fan of Meek’s dis to Drake. In fact, part of the reason he is choosing to sue it because he feels the track is “garbage.”

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“I don’t know if he didn’t think I was going hear it.I wouldn’t have filed a lawsuit if the track was actually good. But since he included my theme in a f**king garbage track, I’m angry. My plain theme song was a better diss itself than Meek Mill’s.”

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this interesting situation.