Watch Puff Daddy & The Family ‘Finna Get Loose’ Video

Puff Daddy is finally ready to let loose.

After heavy anticipation, Puff and the family have finally dropped the “Finna Get Loose” video and if you’re wondering, yes, it definitely makes you wanna get loose. But according to Hype Williams, you shouldn’t get too loose…at least not yet. In an interview with Zane Lowe Beats 1 Radio yesterday (August 5), Williams said, ”¬†We’re just getting them to the dance floor, they havent even danced yet. But its the tipping point.”

In an interview with Revolt, Hype Williams also went on to discuss the different sound and flare to this track and video by saying, “Well, Pharrell and I and Puff, all of us decided It was kind of almost just like us being in a live club situation, filming the Rolling Stones performing or the Misfits or somebody like that that might have been on that stage. So that was the vibe. It was pretty much hoping and more church-like or tabernacle like than a music video set. [that] we just wanted to do something out of the spirit of what basically feels like punk rock in hip-hop…”

So what are you waiting for? Get loose!