Warren G Peforms Classics and New Dope Tracks at Album Release Party

As an artist, it’s hard to stay in the limelight for more than a couple of years, but Warren G  stands out as the perfect exception. The rap icon has been in the game as far back as 1994. Nearly 20 years deep into the rap game, the west coast legend has remained relevant through his hit songs such as, “I Need A Light”, “Regulate” and “I Want It All”. He’s also produced tracks for artists such as 50 Cent and Young Jeezy. Last Sunday, the rapper took the spotlight at the Highline Ballroom to perform his long awaited sequel, ‘Regulate…G Funk Era’.  You know someone is legendary when years later, they can still draw a packed crowd of fans both young and old. 

Warren G Talks New EP, Nate Dogg, ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ & #DrakeVsMeek

Warren G kicked off his set with a trip down memory lane playing an array of hits such as “Regulate”, “This D.J.”, “Do You See” and “I Need A Light” ft. the late great Nate Dogg. Warren G’s set would not be complete without a moment of silence to pay homage to his good friend, but that did not end the celebration. The rapper was very interactive with the crowd, singing along with fans in the front row… and who knew Warren G could turn up?? He blessed a lucky audience member with a shot of patron!

Watch The Making Of ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Here

The concert showcased what a true rap icon looks like. Warren G proved that even after 20 years in the game he still has got it goin’ on! We’re excited to see how he will be portrayed in the “Straight Outta Compton” movie, depicting his role in the history of the legendary group N.W.A. According to sources the scene will show Warren G introducing Snoop Dogg to Dr.Dre during a Death Row Recording Session.

The rapper and producer has held a big role in opening doors for new talent entering the Hip-Hop industry and will forever be recognized as a rap icon for years to come.