Warchlyd Releases ‘The Price of Fame’ Mini Documentary

On Tuesday, August 4, I got the chance to attend a private media event for independent hiphop artist, Warchyld.  Warchyld released his mini documentary “The Price of Fame,” sponsored by Pelle Pelle leather company and SMS Audio.

Executive producer Bonsu Thompson and director David Garcia of Between Pictures also helped bring this story of hardship and determination, to light.  Check out the up-and-coming hiphop artist’s story above, where he elaborates on the struggles he has faced prior to, and while, making his first steps in today’s music industry.

This documentary depicts an ongoing issue that hiphop artists face everyday in this industry.  Individuals living in the streets are dealing with crime, shootings, and stabbings on a day-to-day basis.  After the showing of the mini-doc, Warchyld explained how he has separated himself from the streets and only wants to keep moving forward in his life.

Warchyld has big plans for his future and his career in hiphop, but wants to ensure the quality of what he is doing is at his full potential, he explains:

I want to have the product right. When you start stepping on big stages I want to make sure my product is what I want it to be.  I want to feel comfortable presenting it.  Thats why we’re doing these types of videos.  You need to be comfortable as an artist in your own skin.  It has to be something you believe in.  I’m in that transformation period where I’m discovering what I want to do.  I think a lot of people are going to be shocked when they hear the material I’m sitting on.

Warchyld and the rest of the crew also shared a new music video for “Church 4 G’s,” a single where the Philly rapper wanted to send a different message to his audience that had more substance and meaning. check out the single below on Soundcloud.

Below are some photos from the event of Warchyld, and Pelle Pelle brand leather jackets.