The Weeknd’s Next Album Will Feature Lana Del Rey & Ed Sheeran

It looks like one of our dream collabs drawn from our wild imaginative efforts is finally becoming a reality. Brace yourself, it’s a good one…

The Weeknd is all set to release his next studio album Beauty Behind The Madness on August 28th, the 14 track record will of course include favorites such as Often  and Earned It, as well as a number of new ones. The album will also feature a couple of new collaborations that will make this highly anticipated follow-up a real game changer.

The Weeknd & Lana Del Rey Come Together For ‘Suede Serotone’ In D*C

Recruiting his female counterpart,  The Weeknd’s tracklist reveals that he’s teamed up with the queen of darkness, Lana Del Rey. This duo coming together in actuality makes perfect sense, as we’ve said before. The two sultry artist’s both have incredible vocal ranges and comparable manic mindsets that we are all way to eager to hear come together. Del Rey will make an appearance on the second to last single on the record, ‘Prisoner,’ following Ed Sheeran’s appearance on the track ‘Dark Times.’

Don’t worry Ed, we’re just as excited about your collab with The Weeknd. Another brilliant musician topping charts today, it’s only natural for greats to collaborate with one another. Besides, Ed Sheeran has a bit of sorrow buried within his lyrics, not to mention a voice that we can only imagine (at least for now) brilliantly complimenting that of Abel’s chilling notes.

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We know you’re excited, so here it is, the complete tracklist:

1. Real Life
2. Losers
3. Tell Your Friends
4. Often
5. The Hills
6. Acquainted
7. Can’t Feel My Face
8. Shameless
9. Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey)
10. In The Night
11. As You Are
12. Dark Times
13. Prisoner (Feat. Lana Del Rey)
14. Angel