The Curious Case Of Drake’s Ghostwriting Fiasco: Does He Really Have A One, Or Nah?


“You Have No Credibility If Someone Writes Your Raps” – Noah “40” Shebib

Let’s get this clear – Drake having a ghostwriter DOES matter. My initial reaction to Meek Mill’s series of tweets was disappointment. Part of the reason we like Drake is because of his ability to kill the charts while simultaneously earning the respect of his peers and the hip hop community. Along with that there is a certain level of integrity rappers who want to claim king have to hold up when it comes to their pen game.

That said, I had to do the research to see how much of a role the “ghost” of Quentin Miller played in the “R.I.C.O Scandal.” I¬†took the four reference tracks that leaked and played them side by side with their Drake counterparts. The results may surprise you…