Rihanna Shuts Down Matt Barnes On Instagram

According to NBA super star, Matt Barnes, love could possibly be amiss between him and singing sensation Rihanna…or so he thought.

Yesterday afternoon, a video was posted of the paparazzi questioning Barnes regarding the supposed fling developing with the “BBHMM” singer. He responded, “we’re just friends and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

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When asked about their first few dates, the basketball player did say it was all “rumors and speculation” but did insinuate that the two have been hanging out with a mutual interest in each other.

Well, Riri was not amused even a little bit once she heard the news and posted to Instagram to let everyone know how she really  felt.

None of these hashtags are flattering but the sucker punch has definitely got to be “she’s never even met you.” Ouch! I think everyone would like to know how you could be dating someone you have yet to meet Barnes?

You just let us know when you’re ready…