Nicki Minaj Not Pregnant Despite Calling Meek Mill Her ‘Baby Father’


According to sources, Nicki Minaj is not pregnant with Meek Mill‘s baby…or at least not yet.

Fans went crazy when the “Anaconda” rapper referred to Meek as her “baby father” during the Pinkprint’s Pittsbourgh tour stop, but it all seemed to be a misunderstanding.

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Sources close to Minaj reveal that she uses the phrase “baby father” rather commonly as a term of endearment for those she likes. She’s even used it in reference to Lil Wayne, who is only a very close friend and mentor to her.

In light of the rumors, Nicki took to Twitter to laugh her butt off and make sure everyone was clear on the situation.

However, the couple does assure that they are in it with each other for the long haul. As for kids, Minaj wants a ring on her finger first (and no, not the one already on her finger). Baby steps.