Nicki Minaj Ends Concert Early After Fan Sprayed In Face With Mace



We all know that Nicki Minaj knows how to throw down, but at her PinkPrint Tour performance in Concord, California on Friday (August 14), things got cray.

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Of course the typical brawls between fans to get as close to the stage to see the one and only Minaj were expected, but this crowd took it to a whole new level. There was supposedly throwing of punches and chairs and a fan who even beaten up by four other girls. The odd part is that conflicts were allegedly all over seating even though these scuffles happened towards the end of the concert.

However, what caused Nicki to stop the performance was when a fan decided to spray mace throughout the crowd hitting one girl directly in the face. Nicki was not having it and pulled the girl up on a stage to give her some water. Check out the video below as Minaj gives this girl a helping hand.

Afterwards, the concert had to come to an early close with a few fans needing to be treated for minor injuries. Otherwise, security says that a majority of the fans were not affected.

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Irregardless, Nicki Minaj did not let the early close affect her at all. The only acknowledgement she pays to the event is an Instagram post saying her fans of Concord “were more than turnt.”

Concord, it looks like Nicki forgave you for your wild behavior since she is more than willing to go back. Thank goodness.