Meek Mill’s Team Changed His Twitter Password During Drake Beef

It’s been a little quiet on Twitter lately, don’t you think?

Maybe that’s because Meek Mill had his Twitter password held under tight security. In other words, Meek’s team changed his account password and refused to give it back. After that little outburst on the social networking site, you know, the one where he called out Drake for not writing his own verses, well it seems as if he team really is working in his favor. After the Wanna Know rapper had been silent for two whole weeks, we were starting to become curious as to why he was not feeding into the fire he set ablaze online. Turns out, he didn’t have a choice. Meek Mill took to Twitter Saturday (August 15) to let fans know he was back in control.

Meek Mill Might Be Done Beefing With Drake

Your team is looking out for you, Meek. Remember that.