London’s SG Lewis Has The Most Incredible Haunting Chill Voice I’ve Ever Heard.

written by A.R

written by A.R

Have you ever left El Matador Beach and driven down the Pacific Coast Highway at sunset with a beautiful Tumblr looking chick in the passenger seat? Well, if you ever get a chance, SG Lewis has the perfect hypnotic chill vibes for your ride.

There isn’t much I want to say, I’d rather you guys listen. Lewis’ voice has the power to make the sunset last a few hours and you’re beautiful lady chick fall in love with you before the songs over.

Shouts to Zane Lowe at Beats1 for putting this out to the world, Scott Vener for the find on tonight’s HBO’s Ballers outro and London for being the oven that cooks out all of these damn talented individuals. Read SG’s pen game on “Warm” below.

Moments like these are golden
Never felt so open
Even if i’m dreaming, I’m dreaming with you
So breath my air, and kiss me there
Cause i’m a little cold but I’ll warm up with you
-SG Lewis