Ice Cube & F. Gary Gray Talk ‘Straight Outta Compton’ On The Breakfast Club

The anticipation for Straight Outta Compton just keeps getting stronger.

Ice Cube and Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray stopped by The Breakfast Club to let us in on a few things regarding the most anticipated movie of the summer. Ice Cube and Gray talk everything from Drake to Ice Cube son portraying his father in the film to Eazy-E.

Don’t forget to check out Straight Outta Compton in theaters August 14th, but in the mean time, check out the excerpts from the interview below.

On Putting N.W.A.’s History Into A Film

You try to make a movie that tells the origin and tells the story. We’re trying to cram 10 years into two hours, but you can’t get everything in. You just gotta tell the story and tell what happens in a comprehensive way and it’s still a movie, [so] it still has to adhere to the laws of cinematography and film, so that’s what we tried to do.”

On Ice Cube’s Son Playing His Father

I wanna dispel any rumors about people feeling like his son was handed the job. There was no nepotism involved whatsoever, it took him two years of auditions and acting coaches. He trained on the East Coast and West Coast, all kind of callbacks, chemistry tests and all that.

On Drake & Ghostwriting

If you making records, the only thing that matters is what’s coming out the speakers. If you up there MC’ing or if you a battle artist, or you just wanna be a true master of ceremony, then you should write your own rhymes. Records have been made by committee, since records have bee made. How it’s been put together, was in the studio, who wrote this song, who wrote this hook, who rolled the blunt, all that doesn’t matter. What matters is it dope when I hear it. All I care about is the product you trying to sell me. Now if you on the mic and you wanna be Mr. Battle Artist, then you should write your own rhymes. You should be a true MC.”