Fetty Wap Protests Olive Garden’s Bad Service With Dine & Dash

Boutta turn up in Jacksonville Florida ??

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Looks like Fetty Wap has had it with bad service and has finally taken a stand against it.  As first reported by TMZ, the rapper apparently skipped out without fully paying his bill at an Olive Garden in Wayne, NJ.

It was reported that Fetty went out to dinner with a group of friends, where they appetizers, breadstick, and drinks while waiting to be served their entrees. Well, according to Fetty that wait stretched two hours and he just wasn’t having it any longer. While some people may of made a complaint, he instead threw down $100 and left the remaining $60 to be figured out amongst the establishment.

Fetty Wap Is Being Investigated In New Jersey Store Assault

But Olive Garden is singing a different tune. They reported that Fetty and company were only waiting for a half hour and that this is just a simple case of dining and dashing.

What do you guys think actually went down?