Eazy-E In The White House Didn’t Make It Into ‘Straight Outta Compton’

In honor of flashback Friday and the recent release of the revolutionary film ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ we reflect on a certain historic moment in history, one that didn’t make the final cut for the movie, although highly applicable. Over 23 years ago back in 1991, Eazy-E, a ‘Nigga Wit Attitude,’ was invited to a White House luncheon where another 1,400 republicans payed to watch on as President George H.W. Bush presented a speech.

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Allegedly a “computer foul up,” Eric Wright (Eazy-E) was invited to join a members only club, an exclusive party comprised of Republicans, known as the Republican Inner Circle. Entry into the “club” required a personal invite and a cool $4,000 to join. Around the same time, the FBI targeted Eazy-E for his, at the time, ever so threatening track ‘Fuck The Police,’ which  resulted in the FBI “protesting” the music. The mix up fell somewhere between these lines, seeing as how the rapper’s name Eric Wright, was now in their system. However, being the republican that he was, Eazy-E was proud to accept his invitation, intentional or not.

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The other republicans in the inner circle were apparently unaware of who the man was, not to mention unphased by his swagged out dress and demeanor.