Drake & Serena Williams Are Officially A Thing

Drake & Serena

The proof is in the pudding, well, in this case it’s in these photos TMZ captured of Drake and Serena Williams passionately locking lips in a fancy italiano restaurant.

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After cheering on Serena to victory at last nights WTA Tournament in Cincinnati, Drake took the tennis champion out to dinner afterwards where the two were sharing more than just the bread sticks. It’s been rumored that the two celebs have been hooking up for some time now and after last night’s PDA captured by the paparazzi, we can confirm that this duo is in fact, a duo.

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Reserving a private room in the back of the upscale restaurant, the two made sure they had just enough privacy to display their affection for one another. At least as much as you’re allowed to in a public facility. But according to the photos, it looks like their private room was lacking one major aspect, privacy.