Ciara & Baby Future Kick It With Russell At Football Camp, #FutureHive Reacts

So as we all may know, Ciara and Russell Wilson are indeed a thing. This means that despite what Future has to say Russell will be spending some time with Baby Future, which may result in a few hugs being exchanged here and there.

Fans actually captured an adorable moment between Baby Future and Russell, where them and Ciara were spending time while the Seahawks player endures football camp. Wilson managed to take a break just for his buddy, who was sporting a matching jersey, to give him a hug. Unfortunately for Future, Twitter fans made sure he knew about it as soon as they could.

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It didn’t take long for Future to respond to photos, or maybe another situation that made him upset.

While Future went on his mini Twitter rant, fans also awaited for Russell’s response since they also tagged him in the pictures. Sadly, Wilson didn’t give them the show they wanted and continued to post his normal morning bible verses.

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Since Russell seemed to keep quiet and Future made no moves to further his commentary, the #FutureHive then decided to take over Twitter. Check out some of their tweets on the next page.