Chris Brown Gets Punk’d On Series First Comeback Episode

Remember that old MTV show, Punk’d, where they took turns pranking celeb of every ranking? Have you missed it? Well don’t worry, the show relaunched this past Tuesday (August 18) with Chris Brown targeted as the first victim.

Chris Brown’s Baby’s Mama Applies for Full Custody

While on the set of a French Montana video shoot, a little girl approaches the Ayo singer and reveals to him that she’s there by herself. After Chris becomes concerned with the girl’s unexpected presence, he makes sure she is properly looked after until the police are called to come get her. But when a man walks off with the girl, Chris Brown’s fatherly instincts kick in as he watches the stranger flee the set with her. He puts the video shoot on hold and refuses to continue until he locates the now missing girl. Fortunately for him, it was all a set up.

You can check out a clip from the hilarious episode for yourself up top.